Textual analysis essay of “get a knife, get a dog, but get rid of


Textual Analysis Essay of “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, But Get Rid of Guns” – Molly Ivins

The breakdown in categories of how to Analysis the type of Essay


· “civil libertarian”

· She has “gun-nut friends”

· “intrigued by original intent

· “cop shop”

· personal tone of writing 


· People have no practical need for guns

· Knives no ricochet / Physcial Fitness 

· Michael Crichton 

Counter argument :

ü Car kill people

ü Ought t regulations

ü “gun don’t kill people”

· Martial arts training

· Thomas Jefferson “assault rifles”


· Gun Control

· Irresponsible gun usage 

· “Pro Knife”

· guns kill

· people don’t know how to use them compares to cars

· gun for hunting/ target shooting “potting rattlesnakes”

· makes domestic violence situation deadly

· 2nd Amendment – Legal basis gun ownership

· licensed, restricted, and ban – writer thinking out load working thru her thoughts


· Good personal tone/honor

· Lots of ideas/ arguments

· Relates to everday life

· Understands 2nd Amendment and takes serious