Final exam study guide | Electrical Engineering homework help



Some of the things I will be looking at, and will count as point deductions if not done correctly:

  • Failure to maintain the four basic formatting guidelines will result in low scores
  • Failure to maintain each consecutive chapter beginning at the top of a new page
  • Failure to maintain separate chapter questions beginning with 1.
  • Failure to maintain proper spacing between questions
    • Always double space between questions
  • Failure to maintain consistent:
    • Spacing
    • Indentation
    • Numbering
    • Punctuation
    • Capital lettering of multiple choice answers
  • Failure to follow proper multiple choice question formatting
  • Failure to maintain proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure
  • Questions should always make common sense
    • Non-sense questions not allowed
  • Be creative and use your imagination


Friendly Reminders

1.  On “True or False” type questions, simply state True or False after the period in bold type. True


2.  The correct multiple choice answer should always be in bold, and never underlined. True


3.  The correct multiple choice answer should always be in _____, and never underlined.

A.  italics

B.  lower-case

C.  Bold



4.  Failure to follow _______________ correctly will result in low scores.

A.  Your heart

B.  Your mind

C.  Instructions

D.  Zeroing procedures


5.  Follow the format for questions provided in the attachment.  True 


6.  Use spell check wisely. True


7.  Never ________ another person’s work.

     A.  Copy

     B.  Imitate

     C.  Steal

     D.  All-of-the above


8.  Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment. True


9.  Do good work, turn it in on time, and you will receive high marks. True


10.  While writing each test question, remember you are competing with your classmates to create the best question.  True


11.  Each question you create which is selected for the final exam will earn 1 extra bonus point.  True


12.  Each student is eligible for a maximum of 5 extra bonus points.  True


13.  If you have 50 questions selected for the exam, your extra bonus will be knowing the answer ahead of time.  True