Policy research 701 | PLCY 701 – Natural Law, The State & The Gospel | Liberty University

Natural Law concepts that we have examined in the course inform the decisions
of policymakers whether explicitly or implicitly.  Now that we have
observed the development of Classical Natural Law and its Christian updates, we
are prepared to make some public policy applications of our own.

Pick one of policy areas from the Public Policy Applications sections in your
earlier assignments.  Write a Policy Memorandum for a legislative
committee that is considering changes to law in this area. Explore the history
of the policy issue and using the information learned thus far in this class,
explain how the issue has changed over time due to changes in public adherence
to Natural Law principles. 

this is an academic exercise where you will interpret, analyze, and suggest a
position on a public policy issue.

Assignment Specifics:

  • At least three of the Natural Law thinkers in the
    course should be used in this assignment.
  • Citations from at least 10 scholarly sources; at least
    half of these should be course readings for the Natural Law
  • 3-4 pages of double-spaced content, not counting the
    title page or references