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DISCUSSION 1 with its own references…at the end of the answer 

Some teachers would argue consequences should be logical, related, reasonable, and respectful. They also might argue that copying rules is a punishment that reinforces negative thoughts about writing. In light of these concerns, why do you agree or disagree with Seganti’s approach.

DISCUSSION 2 with its own references…at the end of the answer

 How will you address the fact that in students’ lives outside school, they see so many examples of people who are functioning at the first two levels of the hierarchy? What guidance will you give them about why they should strive for Level D behavior (or at least Level C) outside of the classroom? 

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How I Will Redirect Students When They Misbehave (100 – 150 words per bullet point) 40 pts

  • How will I use influence and positive tactics that preserve students’ personal dignity?
  • How will I stop misbehavior and help students return willingly to appropriate behavior?
  • How will I deal with minor misbehavior such as talking or distracting others?
  • How will I deal with more problematic behavior such as disrespect and apathy?
  • How will I deal with students’ refusal to comply with directions or do acceptable work?
  • Specific Format for each topic: Write bulleted questions in bold print. Each bullet point indicates a new paragraph. Write the rest of the paragraph in regular print.